Thursday, June 27, 2013


It's 3 am Thursday morning and I just finished my first book with the above title! Who should buy this book when it is published? Anyone who has ever been a patient. Anyone who has never been a patient. All med students, NP's, PA's, EMT's, Paramedics, and MA students. And those scared of doctors like children and hospital administrators.
Also for anyone who has walked into a clinic, saw the doctor, then walked out thinking "what the hell just happened?
If you think in your own mind that you "know better" than your physician, then read this book and show her the error of her ways.
Read this book then begin to use it like a medical journal of your own health and wellness. Did Dr. Pitel do all the things a good physician does as explored in the book or did he leave something out that Dr. Mangold said should have been done? Or did the medication Dr. Poofandsmoker from Hartford Hospital give you match up with your story and his six minute exam? Did he explain side-effects and med interactions with you or did he punt that off to the pharmacy tech instead?
So please pass on the word. It will only be published as an eBook available at for a very reasonable rate. Click on the amazon link to the right to take you there.
Comments and criticisms are welcome but may make me cry.
Thanks all. Get out the word.

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