Friday, May 31, 2013


So much has chnged in our lives since the last blog that what I wrote then seems superfulous now. We really thought that semi-retiring and seeing the world in an RV was "minimalist." After 6 weeks of a continuous garage sale (craigslist got tired of us I believe) and an unexpected dream job offer, we nixed the RV idea, changed our criteria for the material stuff we considered "necessary," and focused on carrying our house on our backs and with the car. Yesterday (May 30th) we crammed the last of our stuff into a car top carrier and left Slinger for good.
We have learned many life lessons in the few months I decided to sell the clinic. Since this post is just an update, I'm not going to wax philosophically today but plan on sneaking them into future posts.
I'm going to enjoy the Smokies now so God bless you and I'll talk at you later.