Thursday, June 6, 2013


This post will be brief because of time-constraints (yes, even Minimalist Sojourners are pressured for time at times). I'll delve into this deeper later when I talk about basic human needs and SCANCAPS, but for now I'd like to introduce you to two companies that are working to bring light to what the good people at mpowerd call "energy impoverished" areas of the world. Their contribution is the Luci Light. We ran across it at an outfitter's in Boone, NC and fell in love with it immediately ( The other company is Nokero ( We ran across them at the Global Health Initiative at Yale last year when they were just starting-up. We still have the solar-powered light they sold us then. We gave it to the Young Padawan and it has held up well under very strenuous conditions. I'm afraid growth or success may have gone to their heads, though: the responses to our last emails to them were stock "go to our website to make your online purchase" replies. Oh well.

I encourage everyone to do what they can to shine the light. Patients die in the dark; women give birth in the dark; horrendous crimes are committed in the dark.

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