Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dementia II

In the first part of this series I talked about how dementia is not only a decline in memory but also a decrease of other higher cognitive functions such as reasoning and judgment. While I was big on detection, especially subtle clues, I lacked in prevention. Always a proponent of eating correctly, exercising, and supplementation, I have found more specific guidelines published by The Amen Clinics here:

Note the standard recommendations for fish or krill oil and Vitamin D which all of us should be taking. Take a look at some of my previous posts for more detailed information, too.

Does following Dr. Amen's advice help someone already with dementia? Perhaps early on but a well-regulated regimen of supplements, physical and mental exercise, and medications is the best approach. While I hope family members can get involved in their parents' care, early intervention is critical to minimize damage and prolong a quality life. Getting mom or dad to admit she or he has a problem is also a challenge. My best advice: do not enable. Do not tell your parent that everything is fine. Do not allow  your siblings to enable either. Easier said than done. Trust me.

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