Thursday, June 12, 2014


As a lightweight camper and hiker, I always enjoy finding new multi-use gear (I sound like Alton Brown!). For over a year now I have been advocating the original, smaller BioLite wood stove which also generates electricity and now the company has generated a Kickstarter campaign for the same type of fuel efficient stove. This one is meant for groups but still maintains the same efficiency, making it ideal in crisis and underserved areas of the world where wood is scarce, such as in Haiti.

In fact, my first endeavor in this area is as co-creator of the Mangold Mamba in the aftermath of the earthquakes in that country. While wood is scarce there, alcohol is not. This is a great example of how the SCANCAPS concept works: good health, a safe environment, clean water, and nutritious food are all required everywhere we live. If you can, click on the Kickstarter link and make a difference in someone's quality of life.

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