Friday, July 15, 2016


   It has been a rough time for me since my last post. I have been through a lot and will eventually tell all in a screenplay I am now writing called "Elkton Rules: The Little Prison That Thought it Could." I found a director who is interested in it. More later.

   In the meantime, I am finally getting my book My Worst Thanksgiving Ever published as installments. The first three chapters are available for only $2.99 which is the lowest price I could negotiate with Amazon. Please buy it if you can, and spread the word.

   I know this isn't a health-related post but in a way, publishing the book is doing wonders for my mental health. So far, the only version of what happened to me in Nicaragua has been Angie's and this is my chance to set the record straight. It isn't just a matter of telling one version of the story. It is the ONLY version since she was not there when it happened. It is amazing how powerful hearsay can be when it is made up.

   I have to learn the hard way, but discovered that there are easier ways to increase the traffic to your blogs. In my opinion, there are great ways to spread my messages about health and nutrition. For example, check out Grow Traffic and see what they have to offer you.

  Enjoy the book and if you have any constructive criticisms about for me, let me know.

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