Wednesday, September 14, 2016


How can we stay sane in a sociopathic society? How do we create a sane, empowering society when we ourselves have disordered personalities? I try to answer these questions in my newest book Mythomania: A Psychodrama. Think of it as a Prequel to My Worst Thanksgiving Ever since I describe the forces that conspired against me to destroy my clinic, finances, reputation, and eventually my marriage. Are you curious about how Angie ever got to the point where she thought that convincing the U.S. embassy in Nicaragua to abduct Ben away from me was a good idea? Worse yet, that she truly believed what she did was the only right thing to do?

I use Dr. M. Scott Peck's classic People of the Lie as a framework for my book. 30 years ago he tried to marry psychiatry with religion in an attempt to heal not only broken lives but also a broken society. In essence, what happened to me before the events of that Thanksgiving weekend was my own personal My Lai.

While there is precious little hope for People of the Lie, I do believe that we can take measures at all levels towards healing ourselves and our country. At the end of the book I offer a "Treatment Plan" with several suggestions that I feel are necessary for this process to be successful. Once again, enjoy and learn!

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